The first lockdown very quickly ploughed through any cash reserves, most only just getting through. If a UK lockdown happens again, one in five small businesses will shut for good (AT LEAST!)

This is a terrifying thought. That is one in five livelihoods, and one in five entrepreneurs having their dreams smashed. 

The amount of work, love and passion that goes in to your business when you are self employed is PHENOMENAL. More than most could cope with. But as entrepreneurs, we have a super power allowing us to plough on through with all the motivation needed for this and more.

Small businesses contribute to your local economy by bringing in innovation and growth. They also offer jobs to people who perhaps wouldn’t be employed by a larger company. Supporting small local businesses is SO IMPORTANT. 

I set up the Mum Box in the first wave of lockdown. Seeing so many local entrepreneurs struggle was hard. By bringing together their products/services in one amazing box, that I can market to the best of my ability, giving them exposure and a constant stream of income, I can help. 

I HAVE to make this work. For them and for me. My photography business was hit HARD. Weddings cancelling, moving to next year, not being aloud to shoot for four months, my cash flow was wiped, my reserves were wiped. If it happens again, I NEED a backup.

With each Mum Box purchased you are supporting me, and at least five other small businesses. How amazing is that?

These are not just generic, mass produced products, these are hand made products. Time, thought and love has gone in to each and every one. 

The boxes are also all about supporting mums. During lockdown parents had little to no time for themselves. As a mum of two little ones myself, I know just how physically and mentally drained I was (still am actually). This box is for mums. Dad Box following my same ethos!

I want to help. You can help by spreading the word, sharing my posts, liking, commenting, and maybe, just maybe buying a box for yourself or someone you love.


Thank you for reading 🙂


Hannah x