Hi, I am Hannah,

“Capable of juggling two kids, two businesses, and organising Christmas a year in advance, yet completely incapable of buying a new razor, ever” Said my husband this morning after he discovered I had ‘borrowed’ his again…

The story of my life really. Relatable to most mums though, no? Looking after everyone else’s needs and my own are way down the list of priorities. Chris (that is my husband) is x-military, now a firefighter and train engineer. He is never at home. Ever. Therefore the kids, home, birthdays, Christmas, dogs, life in general is on me. Which is fine. Actually a dam sight easier than when he is at home interfering in my routine (sorry Chris).

He’s a good egg really. 

I will probably buy him a pack of razor heads for Christmas…… 

My day starts with dragging Isabelle & Eddie out of bed for 7am. They would quite happily doze until 9 on a weekday (crack of dawn at weekends though, obviously). Feeding, changing, begging and bribing them out the house for 8.30am to start the school run. Once I have waved them off and dashed back to the car it begins. Usually I go to the office to pack overnight box orders if Mum hasn’t beaten me to it, walk the dogs, say hi to my parents (office is in their barn). Then shoots, deliveries, meetings, or what ever else I have chosen to cram in to my 4 child free hours. Then I pick up Eddie and I am mum again. Well, I try! Most often my morning carries on in to the afternoon and he happily watches Peppa, plays outside or just entertains himself for a few hours until we pick up Isabelle. Then it is bath, dinner and bed which is probably let’s be honest, the most exhausting time of day. Both tired and grumpy, actually all three of us are tired and grumpy by this point. When they finally call it a night it is back to work. Laptop out on the kitchen table, which is normally covered in stock, orders and basically the contents of my life. I must get through at least 15 cups of coffee a day. It is a necessity. I am buying myself a snazzy coffee machine for Christmas because well why the hell not. Lockdown 1 was the first time I had stopped in years. So many years! Do you know how many people I have spoken to have said the same. Mad.

The mum guilt is terrible. I book off Sundays every week for family. I don’t work then (until they are asleep)…….. I think the reality is my businesses are an extension of me. I work because I need to for me. Nothing else. I love it and thrive off being busy and creative. The time I spend with the kids is quality time, packed with fun and adventure to make up for the quantity of time I spend with them.

My parents are super hero’s. They are a second set of parents to my kids. They will have Eddie for a few hours in the afternoon so I can finish off jobs, Isabelle probably lives there as much as she does here. It works. The kids are thriving and happy and at the end of the day that is the most important thing. Though Eddie’s first sentence or string of words together was “Daddy Work, Mummy Work”…….

They will grow up (I hope) to see two parents who have a really good work ethic and see first hand that you can achieve anything you put your mind too. I mean if I can run a marathon anyone can!!! 

Have a lovely day and thank you for reading my little of-load 🙂

Hannah x