Hi, I’m Rachael, creator of Me Time.

I was born & raised in Ashford. I’m a single mum of 3 sons, ages 16, 19 & 21 & a daughter aged 9 & have 2 beautiful german shepherds that we wouldn’t be without. I have a bad back (some would say mobility issues but I refuse to see that!!) I don’t sleep well so I make. I wanted my kids to have something to be proud of their mum for doing, to set a good example. I’m not just mum that can’t walk that far or mum that has good & bad days. 

As you may notice, I absolutely love bath bombs but they can be so expensive for a good one. I wanted to make bath bombs more affordable, for mums to have a little me time or for the kids to be able to get their mum, dad, brother, sister, gran, grandad aunt, uncle or best friend a little something with their pocket money. Mums give so much & sometimes lose themselves taking care of everyone else.