I’m Minty,
I have 2 young daughters, Demelza 1 and Murielle 3. I’ve been married 2 years to a man I met when I was just a little girl. I still live in the same house I grew up in, in goudhurst, having moved away for a few years to beautiful dorset, I came back to the family home. There are 4 generations living under one roof and it’s really amazing! I think it’s so important for the children to have family around.
I started massage around 8 years ago, I started off as a personal trainer and then found the human body so fascinating that I wanted to study more hands on. Sports massage therapy was the next natural step alongside my personal training and then I just expanded on the massage. I can now offer many different treatments including hot stone massage, Swedish massage and reiki healing. Until recently I had always done my massage as a second job due to moving around and then having children, I needed the security of employment. But now my children are older I can focus fully on building this business, I’m very lucky that I am off to a flying start! What I love most is being able to help people, from pregnancy massage to injury rehab, everyone can benefit from different types of massage. I get a real buzz from being able to give people the pain relief or even that time to themselves that they really need. Success stories really make my job rewarding. So having studied the human body I then decided to see what goes on in the human mind.. and so I became a qualified hypnotherapist. The mind truly is wonderful!! I treat everyone from addicts and phobias, to habits and anxieties. Hypnotherapy can even be used for pain management. I went through hypnobirthing for my second daughter and it was amazing!! I can not recommend it enough!! My coach was Lauren Gilbert who also featured on the mumbox. She is just so amazing, if you’re considering it then do it!!! All my work is offered on a mobile basis at the moment but the business is due to expand… keep your eyes peeled for exciting announcements!!