Aromatherapy Eye Pillow by Beach & Moon


They are all handmade and stuffed with dried lavender and rice. A beautifully scented sleep and relaxation aid. They come in four different fabric choices. Each bag has a lining and outer bag fully stitched to ensure no dried flowers escape. They are sold individually and are 19cm by 8cm. They come wrapped in tissue paper with hessian string and tag ready to be gifted, and are made to order for maximum freshness. These cannot be warmed in microwave but can be placed in fridge to cool.

Great gifts for everyone. Place on eyes to aid relaxation and help with headaches. Good for anyone using computers a lot or with eye pain. Lovely gift for anyone studying for exams too, using this at intervals during study time helps to clear mind and calm anxieties.

Dried flowers and herbs can be so beneficial in many ways but it can be hard to implement into daily life. We think these are a perfect way to introduce aromatherapy into your life or a great addition for any experienced herbal and aromatherapy user.

There’s no better gift than the gift of sleep and relaxation!

Lavender is a great natural remedy for all sorts of ailments, from sleeplessness and anxiety to depression and mood changes.
Please message if you require your pillow to be made without a particular scent. i.e without hops. We are happy to help!

All fragrances last around 6 months. The fragrance will fade, and you will find you can get a fresh burst of the scent if you just give the pillows/masks a little squeeze.


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