Mummy’s Hospital Boxy


Mummy’s Hospital Boxy contains…

  • Hand Made, waterproof lined ‘Mama pouch’ by Wild & Tame – perfect for storing your bathroom essentials
  • Solid shampoo & Conditioner bars by Aurora Soaps – 5-6 washes each minimum
  • Dream Balm by Milo & James – for a calming pulse point balm to apply in birth and after
  • Dozy Girl tea by Bird & Blend for a calming drink
  • Bar of handmade soap by Scrumptious soaps for that first shower (and the rest!)
  • Lip Balm by Molly & Grace for those dry lips (hospital air, and gas & air will leave your skin dry!)
  • Deodorant by Purer Pits for a reliable sweat and BO stopper
  • Self-Care Guide for Mum’s
  • Gift Wrapping & Gift Boxy
  • Gift Card
  • Postage
  • Packaging
  • Wax seal finish!
  • Natural finishing touch (Eucalyptus branch, dried oranges, or dried flowers)


All gift Boxy’s come with brown paper gift wrap and extra (eco friendly) packaging to ensure they arrive with their recipient perfectly.

A donation is made with each Boxy sold to a local charity project 

Personalise with note for mum

When would you like this to arrive?

Packaging and posting from date of order is 1-4 days (depending on how busy we are). Royal Mail 2nd class then takes 2-3 days. I can never guarantee a Boxy will arrive on time but I will do my very best! Please order with plenty of time to avoid disappointment. Please see Shipping policy for more.

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When I had my children at hospital, I never looked in to my hospital bag until after they had arrived! The thing that I most looked forward to was using during that first shower was some brand new soap I had been saving since I packed my bag 3 months before. It smelt fresh and floral. After having your baby, the hospital is hot and you feel so sticky! So this Boxy is a very mum inspired box of goodies to make you feel fresh in hospital, and those first weeks after. It is the little things that make a huge difference!


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