Thank you so much for popping in. This is my brand new venture!

I aim to support my local mums in business through my Mum Boxes, as well as providing a much needed pick me up for other mums, the perfect combo.

I started thinking about the Mum Box over lockdown. I wanted to find a way to help small businesses and encourage people to shop locally. I found the biggest hurdle facing small businesses was exposure. If people do not know your products exist, they cannot buy them. So providing them through a well marketed local box for mums, where they can go on to purchase the products individually was a win win idea……

I am a mum with a small business myself, so I know just how much hard work goes in to this balancing act. I want to inspire other mums to show them just what they can do if they want to. So I went on a hunt for the most amazing products made by local mums! It wasn’t a hard job to be honest! There are so many creative, talented mums out there. 

I have chosen the most wonderful products I as a mum myself, would LOVE to receive! We bust a gut as mums every single day to look after our children and family. We rarely make time for ourselves, so the Mum Box aims to give mums the opportunity to do just that. Whether is is a quiet bath alone without the kids, a lovely new lip balm to have in your bag or a sweet treat. Little things go a long way. Plus, flowers and baby grows as gifts is getting old now.

I will be continuing to source fantastic local products to stock my boxes. Every box will be different. I will be choosing around 6 products to go in to each box (some are bigger than others so it will be balanced!) So rest assured, you can purchase the mum box for the same mum twice!

I still have some finishing touched until I launch my first twenty boxes, but the strings are starting to pull together now and I am really excited. I want to show off these amazing mums, and treat other mums at the same time.

I hope you enjoy yours 🙂

Hannah x